The team

  • Koen-Houtappels-b-w
    Koen is an absolute concept developer. A machine full of ideas, which sometimes goes on till early in the morning. With his commercial attitude and sense of humour he brings an unusual twist that creates connection. He is a proud father of his daughter (and his Austrian princess) and soon there will be a second (namesake). In his spare time he loves to snowboard. Concepting is, according to Koen, cooking with delicious ingredients!

    Koen – Owner

  • Dianthe - Marketing / Administratie
    Dianthe is our own Beyoncé: an all-round creative mind, calm and chic. She has a passion for design and goes for nothing less than perfection.

    Dianthe – Marketing / Administration

  • Fred – Opzichter/ Directievoering
    Fred has plenty of experience. Fred is an engineer with a passion for the implementation and execution of projects. Combining his work with a great sense of humour Fred keeps everything under control.

    Fred – Supervisor/Projectmanager

  • Jochem is well-known with sociology, internet, strategy and online magazines. He provides calmness, a business side and he knows how to develop extremely tight strategies. This Thai boxer has already seen much of the world and at the moment he develops smart systems to make the world easier and more efficient. And it also looks very good!

    Jochem – Strategy & Internet (partner)

  • Maikel - Communicatie
    Maikel is a very enthusiastic freelance journalist c.q. copywriter. While painting with words, he ensures that the lyrics are more than just nonsense.

    Maikel – Communication

  • Robyn is a warm, loving, spirited lady with a “making things happen” mentality. She has international experience in the hospitality sector. Think of the setting up of operations, teams and the innovating process. Also in the field of hotel branding she rocks! Give her a call!

    Robyn – Hospitality & Operations (partner)

  • Max zorgt voor de lach in het bedrijf, een lekker Limburgs mopje komt er geregeld uit. Max rocked binnenkort alle leegstaande parkeerplaatsen van Nederland weer de pan uit. Hij zorgt voor nieuwe verdienmodellen in de vastgeroeste bouwwereld! Heb jij een leegstaand kantoorpand in de stad? Bel Max, hij brengt je goed nieuws!

    Max – Accountmanager

  • Jeroen is an energetic, enthusiastic hospitality professional with loads of travel experience. He has over 20 years experience in the Hotel & Spa industry. Do you have a burning need for positivity and hospitality knowledge? Then you have found the right person!

    Jeroen – Hospitality & Leisure (partner)

  • Bart is an energetic concept creator and designer. He has hundreds of ideas and is a true branding-person. For him, nothing is too crazy, and everything should be big, bigger or biggest! Bart is ambitious and has plenty of experience. Think of TMG, Wereldhave, Ome Cor and much more! When Bart and Koen are on the road, watch it! These two are unstoppable!

    Bart – Branding and Design (Partner)