Many people considered him crazy. Who has this insane idea to start his own business in the middle of the economic crisis? He was unstoppable with his mission to change the world: seeking for transparency that the real estate industry requires.
Koen is a people person and he has a background as building engineer. He has experience with project management, working for consultancy- and project offices and he is specialized in concept development and re-development of heritage. Together with these qualities, he invented Wood&Apples during a holiday in Malaysia.
From childhood on, Koen has been interested in monumental buildings. His parents took him to all kinds of churches which remained in his memory till this very moment. Koen developed a passion for churches, monasteries, warehouses, industrial buildings and old offices. He has an eye for authentic details and he is the creative brain in the processes of developing new features and connections. Koen is an entrepreneur who has more ideas than time, but has the capability to realize it. With the entrepreneurial desire in his mind he started in 2009 with Wood&Apples.
At the moment, after seven years of hard work, Wood&Apples has built a promising brand image. The team has been extended by enthusiastic people who embrace and promote the philosophy of the company. Together they rock! In the meanwhile Koen continues with searching for more clients who dare to engage in exciting challenges.

Koen believes that more attention should be paid to the human side of real estate, in other words; the use of the building. A property can be refurbished beautifully: without users there is no result. To resolve this, we invest in exploitation.
Wood&Apples found its true identity. Their mission is clear: concepting & (re)development. Turning old into something new. Old wood with fresh apples. That is what Wood&Apples stands for.


Wood&Apples develops and implements innovative real estate and heritage concepts. In this way, we successfully revitalize vacant properties.
The Wood&Apples team consists of creative concept developers, engineers, process managers, designers and marketers: a multidisciplinary team working in a flat organization. This structure is mainly driven by the responsible conceptor and the project manager.
This innovative and renewing approach of Wood&Apples provides clear direction and control of projects. Conceptualizing, organizing, place-making and realization of projects is craftsmanship which requires strict management.


Wood&Apples is engaged with location and urban development. Wood&Apples develops and implements real estate concepts taking into account all people’s desires. The power lies in the close cooperation between concept developers, architectural engineers and stakeholders.
Revitalization of industrial and emotional heritage is one of our biggest passions. When we revive monumental buildings, sustainability and people come first. We strongly believe buildings are about people. Therefore we provide concept development, trend watching, vision development, programming, design and process management and of course place-making. We experience excitement in creating and developing a brand. First concept, then design!

Our Brandbook can be viewed here: Brandbook Wood&Apples

Wood&Apples operates according to one of the principles of Socrates: focus on building the new instead of putting all your energy in fighting the old. With this slogan he is absolutely correct. With our unique formula for growth we enthusiastically build something new. Redevelopment of vacant real estate and heritage goes with it.
Wood&Apples develops on behalf of users and property owners. Our growing organization stands for quality, knowledge, creativity and entrepreneurship. We believe that our approach leads to the most beautiful and successful results.

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