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_ Why

Our world needs stories, transparency and bright ideas that embrace our heritage or create new ones. Stories that can change the world, and stories that let people realize what it is all about. At Wood&Apples we’re passionate about innovation, originally in real estate, and developing or re-developing those well-needed new ideas and stories that can drive change.
With our passion for churches, monasteries, warehouses, industrial buildings and old offices we see the beauty and potential in everything. With our interest in the future of retail, leisure, mobility and technology there is no story we do not want to tell. Our mission is clear: concepting & (re)development. Turning old into something new, turning spaces into places while connecting the dots.

_ Who

Long term bright ideas and real change arise from the combination of interdisciplinary minds. That is how we found our core team at Wood&Apples. A team with, together, over 60 years of experience in the field.

“We’ve got the now, the future, the creative and the translation all in one squad, ready to rock your world.”

_ What

Wood&Apples develops, creates and innovates. We do everything from concepting to branding, marketing & communication for real estate and beyond. We create new ideas that help our clients utilize the potential of the future into today’s projects. Conceptualising, organising, activating and realising projects is craftsmanship, which asks for good directions. At Wood & Apples we offer you the comfort of good craftsmanship, including detailed execution of our concept ideas.
We develop cross-sectoral as we believe it is this cross-pollination that holds the real innovation. While creating new visions, concepts or products, sustainability and humans are what comes first, as they are they real drivers of change. For us creating something new, may it be the redevelopment of an exsiting piece of real-estate or a new concept-design fort he Future of mobility, is the ultimate playground.

_ How

Old wood & fresh apples; new ideas and needed innovations. At Wood&Apples every day is different. Our world is ever-changing and therewith everything in it as well. We are letting go of entrenched methods and offer a fresh approach to complex challenges. With Wood&Apples you are going on an expedition that first ends when solutions are found. Our Work hard, play hard mentality ensures you that we always deliver high-end quality and we won’t stop before you are satisfied. We put vision and ambition before anything else. Once we have your core values we start translating this into concepts and design so we can make sure we deliver long-term added value.
With justifiable proud we dare to state that we have the best concepts and the best solutions for all your complex challenges. One thing is for sure, if you dare to work with us, you’ll get excellent quality, rock and roll, while we support your innovation journey every step along the way.